It's time to let your radiance shine!

I help people incorporate and sustain healthy habits so they can feel vibrant and strong. We are all powerhouses, but we need our health and energy to fulfill our life's purpose.

A fulfilled life demands that we eat real, whole food, build strength & stamina and dismantle limiting beliefs. Taking responsibility for our mindset is key. We must be willing to look inward and discover how and why we get in our own way.

I'm so glad you're here! When you become intentional about living your best life, small changes lead to big transformations. And isn't that why where here after all – to grow and expand? I'm into this for the long haul. I hope you'll consider joining me.

free stuff...

Food and fitness are a practice.

Let me help you make it easier.

free stuff...

Food and fitness are a practice.

Let me help you make it easier.

Crowd out sugar

When we continue to eat processed foods and refined sugar, we are feeding the bad micro-organisms that wreak havoc on our health and cause inflammation. Learn how to effectively crowd out sugar so you can reduce inflammation and experience more energy.

LBH Community

Transformation is hard by oneself.

It is through community and being witnessed by others that the momentum towards healthier practices begins to snowball. Join women from around the world for fun health challenges, free monthly guidance and hot-seat coaching.

food as medicine

Discover the benefits of these

everyday foods that nourish and cleanse the body! If we know the medicinal properties of foods, we

will be more motivated to eat them. Let food be thy medicine. Nourish yourself with real, whole foods.

Bon appetit!

they said

"...I attribute my work with Jenn to feeling empowered in my new relationship. It was a game-changer and a gift. Highly recommend."

Michelle L.

West Los Angeles

"I would absolutely recommend Jenn. I think I am a walking testimonial for a person that adhered to her program and has success… and continues to have success!"

Rory P.

Los Angeles

"Wonderfully wise... I was angry. Jenn gave me good feedback and suggestions with a challenging situation, giving me a fresh and reasonable perspective."

Allyn K.


Everyone wants change

Most people aren't walking down the street thinking, "Gee, I really need a health coach!"

…But I can guarantee, almost everyone wants more from their life — that's the nature of being human.

Are there any areas that jump out for you? What's out of balance in your life? What would it take to change? Key question: Are you willing?

If you answered "yes" to the last one, you're halfway there.

What if finding more joy, ease, health, wealth, energy, calm, creativity, and/or freedom were easy? Acting as your accountability partner, coach, supporter, cheerleader, helping you every step of the way is exactly where I come in. Together, we co-create strategies that are sustainable for you and get results.

meet jenn

Certified Holistic Health Coach &

GutThrive Practitioner.

Mindset mentor. Curator of health. Fitness challenger. Rebounding queen. Yogi. Cook. Adventurer. Entrepreneur. Slow fashion devotee. And of course… furry paw-lover.

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