Hi, I'm Jenn!

and here's what I do...

I am a health coach. I specialize in gut health, and my goal is to guide you toward a healthier lifestyle…

…using creativity as the vehicle.

I'm here to do "health" differently by leading in a new way.

When people are more creative,

they make healthier choices.

-World Health Organization Meta Study

Don't let

mid-life health challenges

derail you.

As an Integrative Health Coach,

I help you address your symptoms

at the root cause, using

food as medicine.

Weight gain? Low energy? Sugar cravings?

Let's begin!

My story

I have been obsessed with singing since I was a kid, but I was labeled "the dancer who couldn't sing." Despite being teased and humiliated, I really wanted to know what it felt like to belt from the rooftops. Sadly, this seemed impossible.

Even though I had no natural singing ability, I dabbled in voice in my 20s. I felt silly, foolish and embarrassed. There was no way this would ever happen. I'd remain a closeted singer forever – too ashamed to share this ridiculous desire with anyone.

But, for some reason…

I stuck with it.

Decades later, I ramped up my lessons with my coach. A new level of obsession began. Unlocking my voice was awesome, but the unexpected perks of subjecting my brain and nervous system to a daily creative flow state were unparalleled.

Leaning into my chosen creative expression optimized my dopamine levels and neuroplasticity. Powerful chemical changes set the stage for a new way of being. Old patterns were dismantled. Joy and peace were the norm. Life became magical.

"I discovered that singing is my creative outlet

and when I sing I am at my best and living my best life."

Creativity activates multiple brain networks. It improves mood and cognitive function. It alleviates stress and anxiety. It nourishes the soul. When our soul is satisfied, our bodies have less cravings.

But it's the norm to quell feelings with television, online shopping, alcohol, sugar, etc. Furthermore, we don't value the process of creating, only the result. It's no surprise, our creative impulses are trained out of us by 15.

Where does your relationship with creativity stand? You may have a creative wound to contend with or you may need to rekindle your creativity.

You might be wondering, "What's this got to do with me?"

The takeaway:

A daily creative practice is essential to your health and well-being.

The World Health Organization conducted a

meta-analysis of 3,000 studies.

Here's what They found:

• creativity encourages health-promoting behaviors

• creativity enhances mental health

• creativity reduces the impact of trauma and cognitive decline

Sounds good right? But there's a problem -

creativity is trained out of Us by age 15

Source: George Land's Creativity Test

Don't let

mid-life health challenges

derail you.

As an Integrative Health Coach,

I help you address your symptoms

at the root cause, using

food as medicine.

Weight gain? Low energy? Sugar cravings?

Let's begin!

Imagination and creativity are an innate part of discovering who we are.

Science supports the positive impact creativity has on our brain and body, but many go through life leaving creativity in the rear view mirror.

Is it because our partners, parents, teachers or friends have judgement?

You can't make a living at it…

You're no good…

You're too old...

Why bother?

Or is it because society values consumption over creativity? The media tells us we need X to feel happy. Accumulating items to feed our soul. Does it work? No. It's short-lived, not to mention bad for the planet and your bank account.

Some may not recognize creativity as a free and effective tool to overcome:

• burn out

• anxiety

• poor life habits

• stagnant energy

• a fixed perspective on their life

free stuff...

Tiny routines that shape us. I created these guides to inspire you, this is how change begins!

free stuff...

Food and fitness are a practice.

Let me help you make it easier.

Crowd out sugar

When we keep eating processed foods and refined sugar, we feed the bad micro-organisms that wreak havoc on our health and cause inflammation. Learn how to effectively crowd out sugar so you can reduce inflammation and experience more energy.

LBH Community

Transformation is hard all by yourself! Community provides momentum towards healthier practices, which begins to snowball. Join women from around the world for fun health challenges, free monthly guidance and hot-seat coaching.

food as medicine

Discover the benefits of these

everyday foods that nourish and cleanse the body! If we know the medicinal properties of foods, we will be more motivated to eat them. Let food be thy medicine. Nourish yourself with real, whole foods.Bon appetit!

Everyone wants to change

The Wheel of Creativity changes your energy and changes your life.

Everyone wants change

Most people aren't

walking down the street thinking,

"Gee, I really need a health coach!"

…But I can guarantee,

almost everyone wants more from their life.

That's the nature of being human.

Are there any areas that jump out for you? What's out of balance in your life? What would it take to change?

Key question: Are you willing?

If you answered "yes" to the last one, you're halfway there.

What if finding more joy, ease, health, wealth, energy, calm, creativity, and/or freedom were easy?

Acting as your accountability partner, coach, supporter, cheerleader, helping you every step of the way is exactly where I come in. Together, we co-create strategies that are sustainable for you and get results.