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I'll help you build the bridge that takes you from where you are now to living the life of your dreams. Let's do this!

Community Health Pods


4 consecutive months

4-month Weight Loss & Lifestyle Pod

Interactive learning & weekly assignments

Community Health Pods

Want more motivation and accountability? Experience the magic of a community health pod. Small groups allow you to witness other's courage and determination to change - this gets the ball rolling and then snowballing for you and your group. A supportive setting, bi-weekly lessons, fun homework assignments and interactive breakout sessions provide the framework that supports and empowers you to create lasting transformation in any area of your life.

One on One


50 minute session via Zoom

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Together we identify and dismantle your limiting beliefs and co-create a mindset that empowers you to take bold action, resulting in true and long-lasting transformation.

Whether you want more courage for your career, more freedom to express yourself in relationships, or simply just need to identify the next steps for your health, you'll leave your session with Jenn having clear steps so you can move forward.